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Air Motion Tweeter

A major ingredient in producing the best sound quality is the Coin Air Motion Tweeter. This fine driver consists of thin metal-film ribbon suspended in a magnetic field.


The fine delicacy of this driver allows the high frequency tones to ring with a great accuracy.  The advantage of the Coin  Air Motion Tweeter is that the ribbon has very little mass so that it can accelerate extremely rapidly, giving you an excellent high-frequency response

Downward Reflex Port

A completely unique feature of Mansion series is the ingenious reflex port. The downward facing reflex port allows the sound energy of the lower bass drivers to gain in power and acoustic force, giving you richer and deeper sounds.


Coin’s reflex system augments the bass response of the driver and expands the frequency response below the range the driver would reproduce in a similarly sized sealed box. The Coin reflex port also limits cone movement and reduces distortion in the lower frequency range

Total Sonic Fidelity

We can hear the sound of a bird over the noise of heavy traffic. We can feel the deep sounds of the sea crashing against rocks. Mansion gives you an accuracy of tone right across the audible spectrum of what our ears and feelings can embrace


From the crisp freshness of the high tones, through the dynamics of orchestration to the deep richness of the low bass sounds that can only really be experienced as air vibrations in our lungs, Mansion delivers a full landscape of sonic experience


Few rival speakers match the quality of authentic fidelity right across the range of frequencies supported by the Mansion Tower

Inner Cabinet Design

The powerful bass coupled with the intricate high frequencies of the tweeter and fully supported in the mid-range sounds  bring you a sound perspective that adds a totally new dimension to your music


Mounted within a rock-solid cabinet, the drivers are allowed give their best performance.  Driver performance is closely linked to the strength of the inner cabinet design.  In the Mansion series, the cabinet construction is carefully tuned with the benefit of  many years of experience in order to channel and shape the sound like the best musical instrument


Cross over design

Crossover is the heart & soul of loudspeaker performance. Its design and use of material is a form of art. Each driver is responsible for performing a certain range of frequencies. Just like running a rally, the crossover needs to consider the characteristics of each driver and select an ideal crossover point, to make a proper frequency overlapping for a smooth linkup.  Without good crossover design, even the best drivers together may give poor sound performance. With Coin’s excellence in drivers, the fine crossover brings out the best sound experience