Live a beautiful life with music

The Origin: Enjoy the blessing of Music


The first thought behind taking my daughter to piano lessons was not to turn her into a musician one day. It was simply to open for her a door into music on the hopes that she will have a wonderful life with music. 


Looking at myself and friends, many of us have almost forgotten how music can always bring relief from pressure or distress. It is always good company no matter what. I started to let the radio play and pulled out old CDs.  And my life changed dramatically. It lets my daughter wake up to Classical music. My family dines to 60s~70s love songs. We sing Pops in the shower.  In absolutely no time, I found myself surrounded by more smiles and laughter.  Suddenly I realized: happiness is this easy attained.

Coin Audio is a new loudspeaker brand that integrates sound fidelity and sleek design into an affordable package.


Simply Authentic;

With decades of driver/loudspeaker design and development experience, our team is passionately and enthusiastically dedicated to high fidelity. Our one and only goal is to reproduce the authenticity of music. We understand that sound reproduction is the art of texturing with matching materials, balancing phase shifts, frequencies and impulse responses, and successfully manipulating the features of the external sound environment. Coin’s self-developed driver unit does all this and brings the heart and soul back to music.


Simply Elegant;

We also believe that the loudspeaker’s function should go beyond producing beautiful sound: it should enhance the comfort of our living environment. At Coin Audio, we design the shape and proportions of our loudspeakers not only to maximize sound performance, but also to harmonize with our living space and create an unspoken elegance.


Simply Blissful;

In addition to a guaranteed hi-fi experience, air motion tweeter(AMT), ingenious downward reflex port, single-piece cone woofers (no dust caps or phase plugs), sleek wood/aluminum design, and screw-free exterior are all distinguishing features that make Coin Audio products stand out from their peers. Interested in seeing for yourself how affordable they can be? Check us out at your local dealers for demo and prices. You will be surprised.

COIN’s Mission: Promoting Living with Music

Friedrich Nietzsche said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." With our expertise and passion, we hope to bring more music into more families

COIN Audio has brought together two acclaimed masters of loudspeaker design. Steven Huang worked closely with DNgroup from Denmark to bring you a unique and outstanding product.

East and West